Flowers are best!

We have things in flower! I love investigating which things are coming to life, but honestly our patch is hard to cope with when the daffodils die back. I don’t want dandelions to take over but every corner has the trademark spiky leaves, not to mention the lethal clocks of seeds…

Having spent a couple of days enjoying the local Food Festival, I was beaten by a shower today and my plans for pulling up some more unwanted growth will be delayed for another day. My MS seems to challenge me more when the weather gets hotter and I will be watering as much as I can. We have trays of flowers sprouting, alongside the veg and herbs. I need to clear some outdoor spaces now for the larger artichokes and broad beans.

We pruned the roses at last and we have some beautiful blooms opening up. I’ve watched the interview with Mary Berry and David Lloyd Jr on the Chelsea episode this week and know we have some beautiful blooms to expect. It’s part of our gardens layout that we have big beds, but the walls are falling down. I will invest in a computer pen to start drawing some plans to show how we can restructure these areas… watch this space!

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