Chelsea insights

I do like watching garden shows and hearing what the stars do in their massive spaces. We have a massive space but no money to change it… Our greenhouse was second hand but it has the power to change the vistas of yellow to purple.

Chelsea has been on all week and I’m not sure any of the people attending would know what it’s like to pull up dandelions on a regular basis. The tickets are outrageously priced, even for the last minute dot com cheap seats, and many of the gardens are inaccessible for people with disabilities, and not just because the wheelchairs won’t fit…

Gardening pundits do have MS, shown by one of the presenters, but you’ll forgive my MS brain for not remembering the names of the rainbow of presenters. Good telly doesn’t dwell on such stuff so for a wee minute we can ooh and ahh over the beautiful new hybrids and work out whether scorched wood is doable in leafy Letchworth. I’m sure some youths could be approached to handle the flamethrowers!

It’s hard to be glum on a day such as today – I’m off to get third degree sunburn at my daughters sports day. Great British traditions and here’s hoping the head has a better format than we’ve suffered in previous years, when no one really wins anymore. Fingers crossed x

Sports day list – no sun Hat!
Lovely California poppies!
Kettle of boiling water kills these spiky monsters!

GW on a previous show…

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