Maytime Muddles

It’s been a time of muddle really. We are a little bit late to seeds being planted in our new recycled greenhouse but the seeds, peas, beans, and herbs are sprouting. The tomatoes are not appearing yet but we are hopeful.

An hour today saw the bed with former daffodils massacred. We still have too much detritus for our compost bins and without signing up to the £40 per year we won’t get the bushes taken away. Neighbours offering space in their bin

Plants rearranged from growing in the wrong places.
We have pulled out lots of random grass and dying daffs.

is going to take a lot of favours, but with straightened finances, we have time at the moment.

I still don’t like dandelions and they do get the chance to feed wildlife before I get round to pulling them so that will be my compromise for now? Grass is getting a regular trim now that the 12 year old likes to push our super easy lawnmower around the football pitch.

We are coming up to our four-year anniversary of moving to the garden city and we know the house and garden is still a project. I have some painting and tiling to finish indoors as it seems we now have to pick up where we left off this time last year. A project indeed!

Colour is appearing all over!

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