Wee thoughts for a big space?

I hope not to repeat myself but gardening is always going to be cyclical: repeating tasks and cutting the grass being things that have to keep happening or it’s a weed fest of a jungle out there. Today I felt sad to be cutting the daisies and buttercups on the front lawn but they will regrow. Similarly some primula ended up shorn but I don’t plant those, they just keep regrowing!

Those cornflowers were in the bed last year…

Alliums are also increasing?

I know some of the things I have inserted into the garden have worked. Some haven’t, but I am not worried. I am learning lots as we go along. Last year was a hiccup in terms of abandonment (apart from Granny’s interventions when she was also nursing me) but we have time.

In the greenhouse we have sprouts, which may become fruitful. I want to plant some more and see if we can add to the harvest. Which includes herbs in the herb garden. We culled a curry plant and are keen to remember what we originally planted and what has survived… because some weeds are more successful than the herbs! And bronze fennel does very well. Shame I don’t actually like it…

Bronze fennel

Herbs Hubbie planted


Not quite sure what everything is…

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