May Day Bank Holiday at Audley End

We had a really fab day at Audley End, nr Saffron Walden. We used the Art Pass and it was discounted entry as we don’t have English Heritage membership, but similar to Wrest Park along the road, we can enjoy new properties we can’t see with other memberships. Saturday had seen us visiting galleries in London, so we are making use of this one!

Apple trees planted more than 200 years ago!

I’ve said tulips are some of my favourite flowers but the grounds had some amazing trees which are also several hundred years old, so the gardens are amazing to visit and walk around. We didn’t really pay a lot of attention to the people dressed up and re-enacting historic battles as there were rather a lot of horses which my hubby is allergic to… Some of the most amazing sculptural hedges and beautiful trees in the most awkward of contortions… Fun for the kids to spend time with grandma while mum looks at the gardens.

Amazing yew hedges!

The orchards and glass houses were immaculate and beautiful to walk through and see the most immense herb beds of rosemary, sage and basil. I want to make the corners of my garden as fragrant and pungent with savory and coriander and thyme.

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