March is going to focus me…

I wasn’t expecting anything marvellous to happen this month, but it has turned itself on it’s head for me. I am going to accept those challenges with tolerance and determination.

The job didn’t work out, sadly, so I am back to finding a pursuit that pays me. And if you’re wondering I didn’t discuss my health at any point so that wasn’t part of the discussion but they had a month to do a search on the World Wide Web, so would have found me easily. Walk away with my head up and spending a day or two rethinking my working world.

And we woke up to chaos this morning as the greenhouse had blown down the street. Seriously, it had gone over the fence and been blown down the street where someone then picked it up and wedged it into a front garden. Luckily we found it! The cover has been detached so it won’t get away again but it’s still wild and washed clothes are being buffeted and are drying in the sun.

I’ve been told to make a garden plan! We have been talking about uprooting some established stuff but it’s taken me a while to get over the surgery and feel like I can physically work again, but the last few weeks have seen me take on living again so no excuses now. I might even finish the painting I started a year ago…

Hellebores are one of my favourites.

Daffodils everywhere. They aren’t my favourite but even digging the beds up, they keep growing.

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