March visits

Yesterday we dropped one daughter at Scout camp (rather her than me) and on our way home we stopped of at Jordan’s Mill, near Biggleswade, and ended up wandering round the gardens there. They are interesting as they are laid out to complement the mill museum and show how the processes of organically creating a garden around the race from the mill is used to keep nature and industry co-existing.

It was fascinating to learn how many mills once existed in this area and how much impact they had had on the local economy, since the 1840s. The mill was open for lunches, both cafe-style and sit-down meals. The winds yesterday were causing slight issues with doors so access was in the sheltered courtyard.

There was a lot to see, everything signposted, and our youngest used up some of her abundant energy playing pooh sticks and following the trim trail in the wild gardens. She always hovers in the shops of anywhere we go but as it had lots of local produce and supplies from local breweries it held the adults interest too!

An unexpected garden visit but it kept us busy on a blustery cold March afternoon.

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