Rain – it is overdue!

We woke to a drizzle of rain! Yay! It was overdue and the garden will be glad of it. I am glad of it because I was wondering if my Sunday would be spent carting watering cans around… Bulbs are popping up all over and I was wondering whether they would be blindsided by the unseasonal drought. I probably should get busy today before my first day at work in a long time. Childcare all in place! I will probably start saying things to be repeated ad infinitum for the next few days/weeks/forever – a mum never stops…

I am pondering whether I’ve covered all the bases already – hubby went off with my list and I’ve texted him with omissions already. I know my new office is not near shops so I need to think about lunch boxes and I forgot to add lunch things to the list…

Wish me luck for tomorrow?

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