A Halloween purple?

Less than a morning of enterprise saw our garden gate painted a Witchly shade of purple. I bought extra last year and it would be a shame to not use it… however, don’t tell the Heritage! It’s a side gate hidden from view and purple will only go on the inside of our main gate, if at all, as we have permission from the Heritage to do timber stain and I think it’s black or brown.

Squeaky had great fun helping mummy, and Curly has gone to the shops to get stuff to stick her wallpaper up. We’ve only had that for a year intending to get her room decorated last December but heyho stuff gets in the way. She got a desk from auntie who’s moving house yesterday so wants everything done now? Half term I have activities for. I just had a text to clarify what paste we need? Hoping she would work it out! Preteen with a fierce independent streak…

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