Juggling and dropping a few balls

Children in Need?!?

I am seriously in need of a strong drink! I just sent my smallest daughter off to school in a sleep suit and spotty dress thinking it was Children in Need day… that’ll be next month then?

In mitigation we had received texts and info forms already for it, so my confusion is real. Normally the school works on a week by week basis, so never more than a month in advance. However, small child wanted to go home and her teacher was the saving grace!

It hasn’t helped my motivation today, as I have been lying down since returning from the emergency hot chocolate drinking session – I will never be a secret Gin quaffer – and I look around and just see lots of half-finished projects which I don’t feel inclined to restart. Fruit flies (the tiny ones) are overtaking the kitchen too and putting me off loading the slow cooker for dinner. Damn MS and its tentacles which envelope me when things go wrong.

Fluffy onesie!

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