Halloween half term

It’s been a bit of a gardening nightmare recovery from stomach and chest surgery, but I just saw my plastic surgeon. Looks like all is well and going as expected. I need to do a bit of massage to help the healing but I’m still doing exercises and using E45 lotion and moisturisers. I have the option of more surgery but I am going to go for a Tattoo reconstruction…

We are dog sitting for friends who are in Spain, and the girls are enjoying having the dog to take for walks. We went for a longish walk round our favourite local meadows and duck pond and as my phone died it didn’t log my steps but I feel it was a healthy amount. My steps are increasing again and I am feeling healthier.

I did a bit of painting the gates when we got back and it needs a bit more Cuprinol to finish it. As it was the main side gate it needs to be a Heritage colour so the pink of the little side gate has been swapped for a dark brown called Seasoned Oak. I started doing the side in the garden and in the sun but there was a teeny bit left in the tin so I started the outside, which meant I was out of the sun. After ten minutes my hands were so cold I felt a bit weird. I finished the tin and started cleaning up. I went inside to clean the paint off my hands and realised how cold I was. It’s threatening to be seriously cold this evening… snow has fallen elsewhere. The fire is on!

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