Revising My Blog!

Its October and Wet!

I have decided to set up a new page at the suggestion of my other half and I will do it but you’ll have to bear with me for glitches and hiccups. Life has sped up, we’ve painted much of the outside of the house but as things head into winter, I really don’t want to do much physical gardening, even if there are preparations I could make. I am down to small quantities of painkillers as my surgery seems to be healing, but every so often I do something and am reminded with a sharp tug, that I really shouldn’t have…

My aspirations for the future

I really love the possibilities that have come about. I would love to get an amazing little job but I realise the bubble I am living in, make the realisation of that just a little bit fanciful. I am not in the position I keep imagining, but i am a forever optimist!

The likelihood of Gardening

I really don’t know when I’ll get back to actual gardening. My head is willing (when the weather brightens) but seriously i think that my watching telly and reading magazines will have to suffice for the next few months as my body is seriously unwilling. The episode of Gardener’s World I caught last told me how to move roses (an aspiration) and featured a community garden with volunteers. A lady with MS talked about how the garden helps her MS. so I am not nuts in trying to keep at my garden, its just that my current health reinforces how i need to look to make my garden MS friendly for the future.

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