The Sun keeps hiding!

Our holiday weather has been so weird! The sun comes out and goes away in a very short time… It has made me struggle to fit in a bit of gardening, and don’t get me started on the lack of time to cut the jungly grass! It is SO needing a cut, but it keeps getting wet! How do we cut it and keep it from clogging up the lawn mower?

Rain windscreen!

Manana! It will get a cut tomorrow I believe! We have a child-free night tomorrow too, so I am going to try and take advantage to tidy up so that our house and garden can be inspected by a lady from the rescue centre. She is going to make sure we have high enough walls and gates to keep our rescue safe. She will need an area which is somewhere she can take herself off if she needs time to herself. It’s true that we need to tidy up a bit. There are lots of bits of discarded timber and plastic.

Rainy pavement!

Perhaps if the weather is nice first thing I can do a quick burst first thing…

Which I did but it involved more weeding than anything else. Then I had to pop out and realised I’ve got a cash flow problem as it’s gone out and nothing is going in… holidays are tough with no money! And it’s raining…

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