One new place visited… and a tulip return!

Holiday weekend has been very busy! We spent time in St Albans and dodged the rain in shopping centres and cathedrals in Peterborough. We had never been to Peterborough as we always seem to just drive past, but as we dodged the showers it became apparent that we would not be drawn back! Sorry if we missed something amazing but it wasn’t apparent and the later sun drew us to Wimpole and an early visit which rewarded us with lots of tulips!

The walled garden was incredibly tidy and the shock of colours was almost solely due to the gorgeous tulips! So a visit (and a scone!) was not wasted! We are not ready to tour all the NT properties for a scone as I heard a lady on the radio admit to, but retirement could see it being more likely!

For the Feminists…

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