Chilly but sunshine keeps appearing

Snow is Forecast! Blimey! Well it has been wet for the last few days but not cold enough for sleet or snow. Fingers crossed it remains like that.

Despite the golden appearance of daffodils, the week was up and down. I realise my experience of many years counts for nothing when challenged by unexpected technological errors but it’s important not to lose sight of the importance of positive thinking.

So it would be okay if there was a light flutter of snow, wouldn’t it? Nah! I don’t really think that! Tomorrow I am getting out in the garden in the morning and planting some of the plants that arrived this week. Three festuca glauca appeared! And I bought another black iris and a hosta in my favourite Woolworths! I am naughty! But hopefully we won’t have snow and I can dig some plant holes or refill those pots out front which didn’t survive the heat last year. Some bulbs have poked through but there are definite remains which show no revival.

I’m sure there are a few more places I can weed too! There are a few Veg boxes needing planted/weeded and vegetables rediscovered.

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