Today was washing day!

It hasn’t about my approach to budgeting! Despite Jetpack asking the same question over and over…

Blogging on a different platform, can you guess? I was going to discuss my lack of gardening! Housekeeping took precedence and I am starting a new HRT medication which seems to be giving me more energy! Double win!

A different view of the fire…

My garden saw a little of me today as it was quite lovely, but priorities were tidying up after Half-term! We have a lot of shoes ready to be taken to the charity shop. They are kinda dirty but I can clean that off, and add to the bags I started in January!

How many shoes don’t fit? Seven pairs!

Blogging has become a kind of diary for me. I can say the garden is a place that gives me peace but I often multitask and get stuff done alongside the gardening. I also have days where I have little energy due to specific medical conditions that limit me, but I will continue to search for answers/methods which can also help me. It’s very close to sixteen years living with MS but alongside that I’ve dealt with having suspected precancerous cells and perimenopause symptoms.

Classic selfie fail! The mirrored lift was in Cambridge 😍

The pandemic meant a lot of that was dealt with having online conversations and zooms. Working is a whole other chapter: I only have about six weeks to find another job, and being visible online means people can find out lots about me… 🫶

Crocuses in Cambridge

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