Financially bereft!

This week has seen our finances take a nosedive in every section of our little world. As it’s also seen great disasters happen around the world, maybe the universe is trying to tell us something but hey guys on a personal level it really sucks.

Sitting here with aching gums from my tooth extraction, I am feeling blooming miserable. Last night I went with my daughter to her school’s drama production and for an hour or so I forgot our woes but this morning it all came back to me…

We have to be busy this weekend! Lots of stuff is scheduled but we are going to concentrate on garden plant extraction in the front garden as early as we can! I will try and warn our neighbour of the work and we may need to use her drive for a bit. Holly bush is by our boundary with her drive. It’s too early for any birds to be nesting in there (I don’t know if they would) isn’t it? But if the roots are that bad they could be wrapped around the shared drain which also crosses our property. The drain guys had a look and think it is clear, but I think we have to fear the worst.

Shears at the ready!

That’s more than one binful!

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