STOPPRESS: Holly bush is likely culprit!

According to the RHS website, Holly could well be our culprit for the invasive roots! I won’t be sad to cut it down if I am honest. It’s a menace.

And Holly has roots which go down as far as 25, yes 25 metres in search of moisture! It’s a good partner to mares tail which also has extremely long stretching roots! Ok tomorrow morning I will get out a hacksaw! Holly begone!

Could we put some stump killer onto that tree trunk?

It’s true my husband thinks the Phormium might be to blame but we have one monster in the bed beside the drive. I think it will be easier to move a smaller one for sure but the big one needs a bit of tlc.

I know one of the plant websites ( shows silhouettes of plants and roots. I shall investigate further!

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