Anticipation! Ish

Each spring starts a new wave of excitement for me! It’s only January but the things poking green leaves up through the brown fallen leaves and mud offer a new beginning for the garden. A lot of what I planted last year and the year before are putting out lush green feelers into our new January season. We got snow in November so is it too soon for my heartfelt pleasure at not having any more? Has Spring sprung? Or will it turn cold again?

I do have things to plant but I’ve held off going out for my trowel. Too much has been happening and with a 16th birthday on the near horizon, it’s optimistic to hope that I can get anywhere close that weekend!

And I have to find work, as I’m only employed till end of March… that is also a niggle. What ifs attacking me on all sides! I’d love to stay put, but I’m also open to suggestions. The world of employment can be scary if you are at all unsure. Get thee into the garden and all will become clear?

It will hopefully start staying lighter later and I can start to plant more into the slightly soggy earth. I can also hope for less time running the mum taxi for children who are meant to be cycling to school. When I first got diagnosed with MS if someone had shown me regularly taking road trips back and forward to Baldock I’d have thought they were pulling my leg! The MS MonSter had stolen lots in the first year but 15 years later it’s the Menopause MonSter who is playing with me, and I’ve taken back a lot of what MS threatened. I am on a strong medication which isn’t lovely for the long term. It has its side effects for the liver so fingers crossed that is not my issue and I can keep on this tightrope for a little longer. Itching is not currently the same intensity as last week.

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