It’s been amazing sunlight the last couple of days. We’ve had frost but not snow and it’s been tempting to be outside. However my wardrobe has not been all that helpful. What to wear? When to wear more layers?

I’m getting my dates wrong and thought I’d head along to our garden supplies store but it was shut up and I think the opening is next week! Oldest has headed off to WSJ anniversary meeting and we have details of her flights to Korea! Oh help ma boab! In the words of Oor Willy! It’s getting real!

But a nice lunch later (MS Friends);and I’ve got to get my quiz head on! The WSJ unit is having a quiz! So all ready to head off to Kings Langley Scout hut, to socialise with the Quackers! Yay!

PS we won! Only won the whole Cahoot! Clever girls on our team!

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