Menopause me NOW!

“Menopause isn’t an illness, or a secret, it’s a healthy transition into – in the words of David Bowie – ‘the person you always should have been’.”

Seed pods

I have no patience (regular readers will know!) and nothing irks me as much as being held back. Rain holds me back, tv holds me back, not having a real workspace holds me back… well ok that latter isn’t true, if JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter in Edinburgh coffee shops then there is a solution! And I’ve been working from home for the last eighteen months…

Looks like a primrose?

But it’s still a challenge being largely a home worker and not really knowing who people are when you do have to go in to hand things over to other departments, and suddenly you feel sick! What to do, to get out quick in case you can’t get to a sink or toilet? Driving home was touch and go, and I got home and clutched several uprights and paused before finding the door key and running for the bathroom! Eek, more detail than you ever needed but to say I didn’t chance the school run later is enough to allude to the lingering feelings I had. Oldest wasn’t happy about walking home, but we’ve been shuttling them for weeks. One long walk is not going to hurt for long.

What’s growing in my veg beds?

But going back to my quote (not sure David Bowie was referring to menopause in this quote), but intermittent nausea is so not something that I remotely enjoy: is it going to be one of those symptoms that another doctor is going to tell me is a bug going round? Oldest felt poorly the night before and didn’t go to help at Scouts, but I’m sure she forgot that when raging about her long walk home.

Will it survive?

But I do just want this over. Not the best or worst invalid, but struggling to bounce back (or forward) as quickly as I used to. Life is moving, just in directions that confuse and perplex. A bit of sun is warming the earth so a lunchtime dig may be needed if it can involve little movements. Keep gardening!

The fire is warming me up after my brief foray outside! Digging? Nah too frosty!

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