Optimistically Believed the Snow WOULDNT Last!

Okay so the berries were abundant in November. That was the first sign! I bought too many last minute bulbs. That was MY mistake. I believed I had this week to get them into the ground! Misjudged that completely! It has been snowing since Sunday night, after the night at Shuttleworth thankfully, but the kids got a snow day from school. When was the last time THAT happened? Never in the life of my kids, it hasn’t been deep enough, and never before Christmas.

So they did their school work and I went with Squeaky into town. It was slushy everywhere in town and we tried a different cafe, and had yummy snacks. Will definitely go back there for an all day breakfast!

I felt myself getting sucked into mindless TV watching so I retreated into blogland! The photos I took earlier to show why no gardening was happening, nor my trip into London, as snow stopped all the trains! I will be wrapping more presents, or writing some of the few cards I still need to send.

So in case I forget, have a seasonal break from gardening and welcome in 2023 with a really lovely party! Hopefully free of nasty bugs and fevers! Cheers! Salud! Bottoms Up!

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