Scotland 2022! Introducing some beaches…

We have had the most marvellous week in Scotland! It was unfortunately not as dry and sunny as it was back home but, hey, it is still a beautiful time to see the country. We went to some new gems and revisited a couple of others with future enhancements giving us more to visit in years to come too! The kids did tell us they have friends who’ve never been to Scotland which seems a shame to me!

We visited some favourite spots and some new areas and I hope to write up some of my favourite bits as soon as possible. Hey I might even review some books I’ve been promising for a while.

Flashing past the Forth bridges!

And we went to a couple of beaches – I’ll share those photos too! Poor old dog is not making our holidays as accessible as we are used to and we are pondering her comforts as we watched her confusion on holiday. She is glad to be home we think.

Lunan Bay!
Anstruther, St Monans

We saw quirky and unusual! We made good use of our National Trust card but saw the Trust in Scotland offer a few more benefits… Hope you enjoy!

A book to be reviewed
Arbroath shore.

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