I have had 10,000 views of my blog and circa 125 readers who get updates. If you read me regularly do sign up as it helps my numbers. I don’t get paid for doing it, it’s just my hobby.

Even my bamboo has gone crispy!

Working means I’ve drifted and I don’t always blog on the same days, but if I throw in a bit of contemporary news and a lot of colourful flora my numbers go up. I hope my rambling gardening thoughts are up your street and you feel like sharing your criticisms or advice with me.

Advice is definitely needed as I have masses of crispy bits because of the record-breaking temperatures a fortnight ago. Hosepipe bans are coming into force and so much of what needed watering has gone a golden orange rather than green. I feel aggrieved that my effort to change the garden have led to nothing. I will be starting again, again.

Chives have dried up! Wish mares tail would get frazzled!
Lots of golden rod thriving…

Things I don’t love are as ever blooming! Golden rod and lots of brambles are flourishing. Okay my new beautiful book of fifty weeds is a guide to my garden for sure. I have filled my garden refuse with bindweed and prickly things. If the reality of what things cost was something I wrote about, I’d bemoan the fact that I can’t afford two garden refuse bins despite it being refuse that goes into bio fuel and the council gets a return from my weeds!

And given local FB forums this month, a lot of people are angry about random fires and fireworks in the area and kids are being blamed for the burning of a corn field near houses and A-level celebrations for the 11 o’clock fireworks last night. Who’d be a teenager now?

Apples on the greenhouse…

Bang! There goes more apples falling on the greenhouse! So much happening today!

Help me to regrow my garden!

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