It’s all for SALE!

Ducks are quacking!

Bags are laden

Raffle is ready!

Brownies are made! Cupcakes too!

Oops one is upside down!

Clothes, bags, books, cakes, STUFF for sale. Hope folk like something! Trying to raise the money for Korea next year isn’t funny! She has crocheted little ducks all morning! I have never raised anything like this myself so I feel for my daughter! Fingers crossed the bits for the gazebo are all in the bag!

I have no idea what we hope to raise either. It’s difficult to estimate what the turnout might be on a Sunday in late June but it is part of the Letchworth Festival programme this year. The Open gardens was also part of it and the numbers seemed high when we walked round.

I just hope it doesn’t rain now as threatened…

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