Typhoon Mummy!

Everything is upsetting me today!

Buddleia has gotten huge!

So I blew up! The kids are under NO illusions! I am downright CROSS! I have not taken sides, it is across the board. The GoHenry app has allowed me to show the displeasure I am feeling. And it’s one they understand! Affecting their pocket money! No clearer way!

This was from a few years ago.

The little one went out the door without hugging me which is sad, but needs must! Onwards and upwards? No I won’t get depressed!

Wish these were already brambles!

But she came home and all was forgotten! She has gone off to 24hr camp leaving oldest and I making some posters and raffle/tombola selections for the Garden Sale on Sunday. She is dog sitting on Saturday as well as making brownies for sale.

All after I had to clear and clean cupboards which had spilled cocoa and flour which was causing me to notice foodstuffs which were sporting 2019 and earlier use by dates… I won’t use anything so out of date but I do think tins should be ok. Redcurrant jelly not so sure!

Clematis in its usual place above the apples!

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