Getting hotter by the minute…

I’m struggling as of this minute, as the temperature has rocketed! I put out the recycling and garden bins for collection tomorrow morning, and I’ve pulled out lots of mares tail en route to the front pavement. I am going to have a lot of work to do to get the front garden sorted.

I have weeds growing through the membrane I put down for the path and there is SO much golden rod and valerian, never mind the weeds I moan about regularly. There is a never-ending cycle of these things and I don’t think I honestly enjoy the weeding needed.

What do I do? I was offered some kind of garden gadget for my birthday but I haven’t seen what was suggested. I think it was some kind of hedge cutter… but I think I want some more hard landscaping features.

I will investigate and report back!

Saturday will involve baking!

Lots of these out front!

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