How do I split Myself in Two?

Last weekend we were away from the house and garden for two days and came back to a right old mess! The house is a midden (to use Old Scots) and cupboards in the kitchen are a disaster: kids spilled cocoa into the cups cupboard and we have to investigate the main cupboards as we have weevils… possibly from a bag of rice? Argh!!!

So my plans to get some plants into the ground is slightly scuppered as I need to fill in some paperwork asap… I have a deadline… and we have a garage sale on Sunday! People have been offering bits and I have to make brownies on Friday (it’s all piling up!)!

Fluffy grass and ricinus or fatsia japonica!

But it looks like I am going to be setting up the sale solo! C has an evening of dog sitting on Saturday in St Albans so it will be touch and go how much I will set up before she gets back. I will need help setting up the gazebo!

We are baking on Saturday and I will plant some things on Saturday… which have been ready to plant for a while!

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