And it’s drifted into June!

Plans were never made but I woke up this morning resolved not to keep drifting through my year. There is lots to be done! I want to say this year has seen great changes in my garden so maybe some of that positive energy can be sprinkled over my general demeanour?

But then I realised I missed a telephone appointment when I jumped in the shower. I really don’t think my getting counselling by phone is an answer to my feelings of anxiety or loneliness. Audio calls don’t convey any emotion at all. Life by remote is one of the worst things to come out of the pandemic.

Zoom or teams calls you can link into visually as well as audibly now seem to be the way forward but I think it’s way off addressing new ways of productively working as the time spent waiting for meetings to start has not been effectively addressed. We all have different timepieces. I have myself been gifted my husbands old watch that keeps a check on your heart rate and steps as he got one with a more precise measure of his health, which given his current symptoms may well be a lifesaver. Or make him more anxious, who knows?


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