No Mow May! Pah!

It was a really bad idea for us! And has made me realise how stupid it is for us to keep grass in the front garden according to the agreement of keeping a certain percentage ‘green’ not hard landscape which was in our permission for resurfacing the drive. We’ve never got that far, as we never finished the extension never mind getting the front garden prettified! I am very tempted to turn more of the garden into beds but even my simple attempts to add plants to the front have not gone well. I don’t have the energy to water, water, water that seems to be a necessity and is a huge bugbear of mine. I need to read up more on the Beth Chatto method because I’m sure that was the theory behind a lot of her garden.

But fatigue is really not being my friend either. I had lots of plans for today! But everything is tingling and twinging.

My attempts at growing heucheras and festuca glauca in the front is only semi-successful as damn golden rod and valerian are growing profusely despite three years of culling them…

And don’t get me started on mares tail…Damn nightmare!

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