Too many plan(T)s!

We’ve all gone separately today as Oldest teen is on a Duke of Edinburgh afternoon which meant Dad took youngest to see Grandma the other side of Hertfordshire. It meant I was able to go and pick up some more plants from a friend having a plant sale for the MS Trust. I now have rather a lot of plants to get into the veg beds, the majority of which have serious weeding needing done. I think lots of things were never properly harvested last year so have germinated new growth at random. Veg beds in the front need some plants composted… before young plants can be added.

I managed to buy a few things for the garden but with my road trips to Royston for the teen I haven’t had the will to get weeding and digging. Rocket has over seeded in the bed and I couldn’t face the activity today.

Iris in support of Ukraine!
Lambs ears are so soft!

Tomorrow I shall be out early, I shall not spend any time on my gadgets. I must show you the treasures growing in the garden today. There are lots of textures of blue, black and purple which look sumptuous. We have a lot of different lilies and irises blossoming now and the season started two months ago!

There are some amazing smells and I know the roses have been hard work, needing pruned and deadheaded but they are amazing cultivars with strong scents now.

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