My green bin is filling up!

Only got till tonight to ensure I’ve made good use of it! Covid saw to it that I wasted at least a week of my bi-weekly slot to fill the bin with dandelions, privet and ivy and general trimmings. Well an hour first thing was enough to make me feel we might get our money’s worth this week. Bits of laurel and buddleia, as well as roots from under the tarp are joining the dandelions this week!

Last of the daffodils…
Peony added last year and doing well.
Not planted but these are everywhere?
According to PlantSnap this may be an acer? (Mind playing tricks on me, but I don’t remember putting it here…)

And yes, it’s the exercise the doctor recommended and I signed up for some CBD. As I’m sure I don’t have suicidal tendencies while the garden grows, the waiting list won’t bother me, but it’s worth bearing in mind that I don’t need suicidal thoughts to benefit from a chat or two. We are all struggling with the loneliness of the last couple of years, and even working had improved my lot until we were given a work station and pretty much sent home. Communicating digitally can’t beat a joke over the water fountain in the town centre.

Left the label on (or put it back) upside down…

But it now means my cuppa can be drunk wandering into different areas and rescuing the newest plants from the maurading worm-seekers, but then I get distracted and find ten minutes becoming half an hour and working late which eats into my early evening strolls…

PS: I take it all back: appointment with the well-being clinic next week!

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