Still the school holidays…

It’s going to take a bit of time to move the soil and eradicate the dead grass under the tarpaulin but little and often will see it done. My doctor advised it, did I say? But it’s in between days of work/lunch breaks I can maybe do little and often. The soil I’m moving can also be enriched as I go by filling it with manure, manure pellets and grit. I’ve also added potting compost. I have plants to plant!

I wandered over to the hawthorn trees and discovered another casualty of the burrowing bird. I’ve startled some pigeons today so they are getting the blame today. It’s infuriating that a newish acer was toppled today and it was my osteospermum yesterday.

The dug up acer is on the other side of this tree…

Today is an obviously purple day as the tulips have blossomed madly all over. The plants I bought Sunday are offering strong colour and it’s starting to be obvious where hard work is paying off. Irises and peony are appearing. Acquilegia is everywhere!

At the beginning…
Good washing drying day… full green bag and trug of soil, compost and sand. And I pulled it in after a shower.

But it wasn’t to remain nice as rain after five has definitely stopped me in my intended tracks. The mud pile will be difficult to move if it gets gooey… But it’s worth continuing if I’m managing to clear more? Or will I overdo it? Yes I did! Visited by Red as it was nearly six and there were worms turned over with my twirler.

He was much closer but hopped off when I stopped digging. Camera shy!
By the end of the day doesn’t look like much but it is!

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