Early evening digging!

I’ve used the beautiful sunlight as an excuse to do some early evening digging! I’ve got grand plans to put some new plants into my newest bed next to the buddleia and I’ve dug lots of manure and compost around the astrantia, gladioli, agapanthus and an Asiatic dark red lily. I’ve got lots of digging up to do!

Tiny daffodils

Lots of plans for the garden to be sure. I could have my whole weekend getting grubby! We have to do some expedition shopping tomorrow as Curly requires a new hiking jacket. We managed to get a woman’s fit backpack for 60% off online. And I have the feeling we will be heading out tomorrow or Sunday to get an outdoors jacket suitable for Korea. Her just giving page is not paying for her equipment by the way. That’s extra but she is going for her first Unit 22 group hike next weekend!

Rosemary blossom.

Will it be possible to do all of the plans at all? I am trying to decide on other areas to dig up the grass. It’s rubbish grass for sure and I have the feeling it wasn’t like this when the previous owner was able to do the garden and before she went into a home but that is a long time ago now.


Blossom is out on the hawthorns and mahonia and I’ve discovered evidence (I’ve seen her!) that the dog just walks all over the flowers. The tete a tete (mini) daffodils are all through and lots of tulips are making a show.


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