The dog went for a wander!

With two panels down we obviously have a space the dog can explore: next door’s garden! We got a phone call to ask her to be removed. Apparently it wasn’t just me who was still in pyjamas… but the poor dog was disoriented in the new space and couldn’t find her way back to our garden.

Buddleia still needing trimmed.

Sometime today we got a delivery of new fence panels but our dog being half blind and slightly deaf, has no idea where she is at the best of times. The new panels were delivered. Just not sure exactly when we will get them erected.

First daffodils.

Is it possible that having had three storms in quick succession, we will now be moving into more Spring-like sunshine? I have lots to plant and lots of privet to cut down.

Privet stems soaking.

Ironically I’ve taken cuttings of the sprouting privet and steeping them in water I am hoping to make them root. I will try and make a little knot garden of sorts using my lavender and herbs around my weeping crab apple in the back garden. I need to prune that and dig up more of the couch grass around it. Lots of grass being culled!

New fence panels.
Dog normally sleeps by the front door, not normally a wanderer.

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