Nothing to say, but some things to plant!

September is just over a week in. Going round businesses is still my day job. Trying to keep it fresh is hard. And I have a delivery of a little rhus tree which I will add to my bed at the back. The chestnut/sycamore (I forget) is trying to come back to life but it’s not a healthy tree. We miss the privacy it gave us but don’t want to replace it with similar as obviously something in the environment causes it to rot. Branches are sprouting which need curbing. One week our garden waste can be taken up by clippings but it’s constantly full at the moment. I also got a hellebore to add to the same bed and given the amount of things in there, I better stop adding to it.

No junk here! Just bits of slabs…

I have some more gravel to add to the patches on the gravel areas. It does move around a lot making it hard to keep looking good all over. I’m not ordering a ton bag again but we might have that if I keep doing ‘top ups’.

On the spur of the moment I decided to try taking those oil containers to the dump. Ok that’s a job I am Never volunteering for again. I loaded up nearly twelve containers into my little car and drove round and into the dump! No queue! But when I asked the guy where the oil went, I got flustered and said fuel. Oil only! Then I started rambling about my husband trying to keep his car on the road at nearly 200,000 miles on the clock… I didn’t pull the ‘I work for the council’ card (I don’t think it’s always a good idea) but he smiled and said it was a limit of 2 bottles… ‘but I didn’t see you’ he winked.

Windfalls are getting larger!

I am home now and my tshirt is ruined, my finger nails are black and I’ve lost the key to the side gate. Do I feel this was a good use of my energy? Ask me later when I’ve recovered!

This lot needs sifting…

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