Gardening mulling…

Suddenly it is too warm for September. A mini-heatwave to make up for a cold August? It doesn’t matter if we don’t desire heat, it’s indiscriminate. Sitting outside is only pleasant if the dog hasn’t left us presents to be picked up and buried.

It’s not been easy to get through last month, and now a heatwave…

Weeds are the same, whichever garden you’re in!

I have a terrible inertia – I am just not functioning properly – which leaves me questioning everything. My job, my phone, my internet provider, all manner of things which stop me from doing things that need doing.

My garden is looking very different today but I have to be more attentive and watch over different areas/plants for dehydration as the heat may well have an adverse effect if they’ve started getting ready for autumn.

An evening view.

In my past I studied architecture and although my year was predominantly male, I felt strongly that it wasn’t a ‘male’ career, and that I would give it a go. My daughter is in her GCSE year and tells me she is one of three girls in her engineering class. I thought STEM subjects were improving but it seems not. How sad…

Our junk is gone…

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