That is hard work!

I’ve been twisting and shaking, and adding to the weed content of our green bin. The earth under the space which will be our new garden shed needs riddling and shifting into the new flower bed. So many weeds keep reappearing, but I want the new bed to need minimal weeding, (bindweed is a thug for sure!) and the plants I bought to look fabulous. I keep losing plants and it’s disheartening.

This was a memory of one of our first garden visits this year.

The garden area next needing work is the former herb garden (again) but I won’t get to it for the next couple of weeks. I think I will get an idea what plants work in this garden and make a plan which concentrates on those!

I love getting updates to say a post has spoken to you, my lovely readers. I will continue to give you updates and share my garden visits. I have to say my new job is making these visits possible so I have to find it positive, even when I am finding it stressful. We’ve been upgrading my photo equipment with tripod and new batteries so we can share more pictures. I’ve been looking around for gardens to visit and we hope to do that over the last few weeks of the school holidays. To pleasurable meanders!

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