August weeding!

I have a week to get the garden tidy! A self-imposed deadline for a random reason! And that involves more weeding of the kind I just did on the area just inside the rear side gate. I pulled a lot out and pranged myself with loads of brambles. I pulled out loads of couch grass and I cleared lots of aquilegia seed heads. I shook them over the area so that they reappear next year.

White buddleia appeared this week!

I haven’t been able to do quite as much today as I fell out of bed and hit my chin off the bedside table in the middle of the night last night! We used an ice pack to reduce the pain/swelling and I am hoping I won’t have a really bad bruise tomorrow. I don’t remember ever doing that before but I have added it to my list of bonkers misadventures. I had planned to do lots in the garden but I rested this morning and read instead.

Badly overgrown!

Later on I got busy with a new tool we found this afternoon in a faraway garden centre we haven’t visited in a while. This sharpens the blades on shears and secateurs, which meant I was snipping a lot. I even tried to cut through a hose hiding in the couch grass. The area in front of our bedroom is currently one of the most overgrown in our garden, it’s probably the one I shouldn’t have started today but the rain made it difficult to shift the soil at the back so I’ve been able to try to attack this messy overgrown area.

Can you see the brambles?

Plus it’s rained a lot this week so turning the soil and pulling out the dead weeds in the new raised bed at the back hasn’t happened, and the trolley is filled with rain water. Hope the rain butt has refilled as well! I hope to do some more in between work shifts this week. Tidying is my goal.

Brambles! Lots of prickles! And couch grass! Which I could be cutting with the lawn mower too!

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