August Already!

I started August in a wee bit of a funk, ticking off all I have to do made me feel bushed. So I got out of bed determined to do some of the garden stuff I have to do, I started trying to de-weed the soil I need to transfer and drifted off with my secateurs trying to tame brambles and other spiky strands overtaking the privet and other trees beside the fence. Ouch! Ouch! I gave up on that when a drive to the major car parts store was suggested. I am sitting in the car writing this blog! And while out we got some new tweezers to pull out the thorns I keep getting stuck in my fingers. Maybe I should forget about the brambles?

Jasmine is liking its new location!

Everything is looking like hard work at the moment. I feel wiped out by yesterday, but I am also not keen to get filthy, as the rain came on while we were out. I think maybe I should have checked the weather forecast!

I didn’t plant these lilies. They are inherited, but thinning them out has improved them.
An area which has been ignored this month proving why I need to keep at every corner.

Despite my best efforts at mind training, I wasn’t able to influence the weather today so August’s first day has been wet. I had a sleep as I am running on empty mostly. Any suggestions for energy that doesn’t involve sugar and caffeine would be gratefully received? We are a fairly healthy lunch with houmous, baba ganouche, and pickled peppers stuffed with light cheese but it was a bit short on the bits a salad normally has, like lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. I should have things in the garden but my efforts at home produce are a bit woeful. No one else to blame but me, but I think the weather has been rubbish. We are three weeks into the school holidays and I have been working through it but plates are not spinning well. A bit wobbly if I am honest.

Buddleia has grown excessively – I wish it was edible?

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