Colours! Raindrops!

It’s been a funny May for sure! I did get offered a job and despite being given a start date, technology has been against me all week! So the beautiful flowers I’ve presented here are a sure sign that I am going to keep myself tranquil while berating the absurdity of clinging to Apple technology when it often is so incompatible with the rest of officialdom!

I haven’t got any other college shifts either, so I can make sure that I can get some more weeding done! We have to check out some reorganisation of the garden, sheds and all. I need to plant those ceonothus which I’ve had for a week now, but I was debating where to put them! I need to be a bit more proactive, and make use of my time more actively. I’ve upgraded my WordPress account to allow me to post more pictures. I could look at a computer/camera upgrade soon, if the job works out well…

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