Turning a Magic Number?

To anyone who is approaching a big birthday, what can we do? It is relaxed lockdown but the numbers are still staying low. Vis, in our houses are we allowed more than two families? Will we get shopped to the rozzers if we hold a garden BBQ? We didn’t do a lot for my husband’s magic number prior to Covid being a thing, but that was a choice. I am a little Gemini butterfly and I quite like getting a few folk round…

This isn’t a clue, is it?

Birthdays I have had have often been outside as the weather is sometimes fabulous, or alternatively torrential in a British June. But virus rules have fluctuated wildly for the Pandemic year. I might be stuck to a small bubble… but it’s difficult to know. Will the rules change again? I get my second dose around about then but we won’t all be vaccinated.

Lots of ladybirds about so we must be growing the right things?

We had a family outing to Hitchin this weekend and entered shops, purchased some things and stayed a safe distance from other shoppers. But yesterday I bought some shortbread and my husband was delighted to tell me it was made in Birmingham… Gobsmacked! Have Scotland not ring-fenced their most iconic biscuits? So I could start selling my granny’s recipe from LGC? I don’t need to pass old EU regulations now so that could be my next job…

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