Christmas is a coming!…

It’s weird, I am wishing I liked going out in the cold and rain as this week has seen lots of challenges. A lovely rejection letter, but it was a lot of work to apply for the job, and hard not to dwell on the why not? If I was so good ‘but didn’t fit with the direction the team are going in’ then it is SO hard to know what I have to do to fit into the right slot…

And then there’s TECHNOLOGY: I have used Macs for years but current iPad doesn’t do all it should for me. I can’t open the training courses I am asked to do as the iPad doesn’t have Flash at the level of the Government organisation that’s produced the training? So I try the PC hubby set up for the kids over Lockdown 1. Hmm, the pop ups on the said important organisation website are not opening on the PC my husband has set up with minimum components as they are too OLD! Gah! So maybe the iPad is too new too?

I will get there it seems but I had to do the training module THREE times before I passed it. So four times the amount of time I get paid for completing a mandatory test to continue doing my zero-hours job. And you ask why I want a different job? I know I’ve suggested writing a book or something, but even that feels uphill at the moment. I worked in publishing and if my book is about my gardening I know some of the people to approach but if it’s something else it’s the side of publishing I wasn’t involved with, fiction. Hmm, seriously my lockdown brain isn’t focussing!

Random fruit!

Random pics from the Lockdown Age!

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