Doubling up!

I have doubled my readership this year! And it’s not even Christmas! We’ve started doing Christmas early, and even have four advent calendars… two bought at great expense from a garden centre we visited to see the Christmas decorations! Seems like Garden centres still are the place to go for startling lighting displays. And the only place on the last weekend of November that actually had advent calendars…

Well, almost. The teenager had an orthodontist appointment in Hitchin today, and I popped into M&S. They had some! So we now have one each! I don’t get to that retailer much now and other retailers had run out, so it’s a Pat on the back rather than a plug. A rather random selection of chocolate advent calendars.

I am still looking for work btw. It would have been nice to end 2020 on a high with employment that makes me sing, but I am sticking to what I have. (My views over this rubbish year are over 2,000! I don’t know how that compares to other word presser but I don’t advertise much…) I am now looking forward to seeing the gardening article published Stateside in March next year, but we’ll get through all that chocolate first. Seasons Greetings!

PS I purchased the calendars I could find. I’m sure others are available if you plan ahead! 🥳 Major supermarkets were out, we did try! Family favourite? Not any left!!!

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