Not really focused…

November isn’t really a month for gardening. I’ve watered plants in the green house as the seeds I planted have sprouted. I need to go out and thin out some of them but I haven’t had much time. I’ve been invigilating most days and sorting out a birthday present before lockdown… I won’t bore you with the details but it’s been a rubbish week for banks for me. Security checks and authorisations went, well, awry. It hasn’t encouraged me in any direction that puts me in the garden. Yet that would probably help.

I was going to do some this afternoon but a dog walk went, well, awry, too. The dog managed to trip me up and I lost my balance and fell over. I managed to complete the walk but one side of me is severely aching. I managed to avoid any cow pats but I was still a mess. Ouch!

That is MS for you too! I don’t have the best balance so was unable to compensate for the imbalance when the dog went past me. It was a beautiful afternoon as well. Now I’m sitting listening to fireworks and contemplating lockdown. I was told this week that exam invigilators are essential workers so I will be getting work this month which makes me feel positive.

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