I have neglected the garden…

I’ve had my flu jab but managed to pick up a cold! It’s been cold and miserable out so I’ve neglected things somewhat… Halfterm involved lots of tv. Next week is going to be busy (exams) so I can’t really spend much time in the messiest garden in Letchworth.

These are the miscellaneous seeds… the middle ones were a strange shape. No sign yet!

Halfterm would have been a good time to garden but heyho! Ironically today I decided to check up on the things in the greenhouse and raised beds and was pleasantly surprised! There were sprouts in plenty in the trays I put out a couple of weeks ago. The mystery bags from Amazon and old seed packets. Maybe next year I will have poppies after all? Even the blue poppies from the garden in Perth I’ve mentioned before? How exciting!

These are from old seed packets. The blue meconopsis in front ☺️

The beds had some courgettes and salad leaves but I think they might have gone over, losing the deliciousness of little leaves? I might try them on a sandwich this week?

Nearly missed this late rose…

Lots of tidying needed! I just need to shift my cold… there’s always tomorrow 😂

This young silver birch needs moving? Eek! Right by the proposed new shed.
Purple salvia might need rescuing too. It was close to being stomped recently by the arborists…

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