Planting for tomorrow…

Today I have rubbed voltarol onto my aches and I was able to plant out a new delivery. Polemonium Heavenly Scent was a wee bit roughed up by the delivery methods we used but I figured it would perk up if it was planted quickly!

A good water and a semi shady site and hopefully it will be right as rain. I love it already. I love the garden about now in the calendar as it’s so full of potential. So many things to do if I am honest. And a few aches will not stop me from trying to achieve more.

Polemonium Heavenly Scent

However, mares tail has been spotted and pulled, as well as other nefarious baddies. Think May is going to be weed battles. Maybe I should put my mind to clear the worst before the earth dries up and my muscles really suffer or develop?

Allium looks very pink? Hopefully it will be darker when blooming properly. Bigger than the spheracepholon in the front…
Aquilegia in a lovely dark purple/blue.

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