The weirdest of times…

This is the oddest of times. I have wanted to be working with a purpose for the longest time but even my regular but sporadic work has disappeared with the closure of the college like most schools at the moment. And what I hoped would be two/three months of social distancing also threatens to be more. Stay home people, stay home! I am not someone who can afford to take chances, we just don’t know enough and although there are minor cases of Covid19 I am not likely to be tested as I’m not the PM or able to pay for a test.

I have the time realistically to spend the next few months watching my garden grow, or really start to get muscly pulling out the couch grass and garden shrubs I really don’t like, but the council aren’t collecting our garden waste for the foreseeable future and we are likely to see an extension to the year I only just purchased . Everything was moving slowly I thought but other things have moved beyond me so fast I blinked and they had gone.

I’ll need to get out tomorrow and make sure I don’t end up with seeds needing repottedor watered and I’ve been remiss due to having two days off the garden for a small ones birthday. I have still some seeds in the greenhouse to plant but I think they are April/May seeds or definitely after the last frosts. It turned cold yesterday and I feared a last flurry of snow… Please no!

Smallest liked her birthday loo roll!
Birthday cake…
Broad beans are sprouting…

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