Late starters…

In the greenhouse and planting… flowers! Seeds I got a few weeks back now have trays in the greenhouse and they have labels on the whole although I’ve definitely planted things without labels. Oh well I am only learning in my greenhouse.

Long names…
Hosta looked healthier last week?
Need to build a rubbish pile!

It’s difficult to get excited about the uncertain world. If we self isolate for twelve weeks then it’s midJune we stop and I am not really enjoying the stuff everyone seems to be finding. Not getting up early enough or with enthusiasm to exercise to the Healthy Coach but leaving the girls to it, it seems they are not either. I have numbers to call for SEN help but it’s not really that bad, it’s MS fatigue if anything.

Dentist has cancelled and I think we have a phone call from Lister tomorrow to check on my daughter after her surgery but I also have MS appointment at Addenbrookes cancelled. How do they check my bloods ? Hmm. New protocol and was it a phone call too? Cognitions not functioning so well. I have forgotten tablets so much I have plenty to keep taking. Not planned for the Brexit shortage at all.

Mentioned this last year and still don’t know what it is…

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