Don’t be angry, get …

I braved the supermarket yesterday… I wanted to get some bits but so excited to see stacked shelves I did forget some. And loo roll wasn’t in sight. However I wanted Squeaky to have some birthday treats so I overspent on things that go some way to making this birthday a little bit special.

There were measures in place to help people stay safe but there were some stressed shoppers grumbling and snapping at the other people in the shop. It was a few men who had ruffled feathers when I forgot to distance in my pleasure of getting a full trolley! It’s her 9th birthday and I want her to enjoy what she can..

I didn’t plant it!
Last of the daffodils…

Garden is my refuge and I sit in the sun when I can. Hubby is working from the biggest shed as work supplied him with a super duper WiFi kit. He’s helping others to work remotely as that is what he does. He spoke to a client he’s known for over ten years whose partner has since been diagnosed with MS.

Walking the dog with distance…

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